About Us

The Story

I've always been fascinated by how ideas are communicated through design, how design turns into a product, how a product solves a problem, triggers an emotion, provokes an idea and inspires innovation.

My goal is to bring my ideas to life, to serve my passion for design, to create products that mean something to me, ultimately to inspire, empower and deliver value to others.

I decided to start Otenteko in 2016 as a lifestyle brand focused on creating meaningful, well-designed, quality products. The journey began with a few T-Shirt designs. In May 2017, I launched The Designer Backpack on Indiegogo; unfortunately, the campaign failed to meet its funding goal, I had no additional capital for a second production run. This experience motivated me to create Fundlify Crowdfunding and Leather Goods Club manufacturing platform.

The Brand Founder

Anas Alshanti, a multi Webby Award designer. Member, and judge at the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences IADAS.
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